empowers parents and teachers with information and reviews about various children’s lifestyle products, television programs, technologies, books, movies and many other reviews, which the child should or should not use, watch and experience.

Growing kids now have to live in a world of media, technology and enormous lifestyle products that pack the market. Children are automatically exposed to the content that is available.

It is not only difficult, but impossible to keep them away from exposure.

So how does a parent decide what is best for their child? What are the products and books they should use or read? Movies they should watch? Child friendly places they can go to? What are the programs that they can watch during their growing years, so that interaction with media and technology becomes a safe learning platform for kids!

With our reviews, the mission is to create awareness among Parents who should understand the health impact of certain lifestyle habits & products, media and screen use on their children. Our Mission is to encourage the growing child to develop a positive personality groomed by right experiences.